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Sam & Katie Lindsay

Sam and Katie bring 20 + years experience in interior and exterior painting to their clients in the beautiful Hill Country and surrounding areas. They launched Highland Workshops in 1999. They named their company after the Scottish Highlands where their families originally came from, a place of traditional quality craftsmanship and Old World techniques. They are passionate about carrying on that legacy in every project they undertake! 

Exterior Doors & Trim

Are your exterior doors and trim suffering from the relentless effects of sun exposure and the elements? Look no further than Highland Workshops, your premier solution for preserving and revitalizing these essential elements of your property. Our skilled artisans specialize in restoring the natural beauty of the wood grain, breathing new life into your doors.

With 20 plus years of expertise under our belt, we have successfully restored hundreds of doors using time-honored techniques and premium wood stains and varnishes. Our meticulous approach ensures that each door is transformed into a stunning masterpiece, elevating not only its aesthetic appeal but also enhancing the overall value of your property.

At Highland Workshops, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your doors while bringing out their true beauty. By utilizing traditional wood stains and varnishes, we are able to protect your doors from further damage while accentuating the unique characteristics of the wood.

Don't let the sun and the elements diminish the grandeur of your property. Trust Highland Workshops to provide the highest quality door restoration services available. Our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that your doors will be restored to their former glory, adding value and allure to your home or business.

Contact us today and let our experts evaluate your doors, providing personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the transformative power of Highland Workshops and rediscover the timeless beauty of your doors.

Interior Finishes

Highland Workshops team of artisans brings the leading solution for restaurants, hotels, casinos, and resorts seeking an affordable way to revitalize their guest furniture. Say goodbye to scratched and faded furniture and hello to a fresh new look without breaking the bank! Our services offer durable refinishing options that save you a substantial amount compared to furniture replacement costs.

With our efficient system, we ensure that between room check-out and check-in times, 8-10 rooms can be expertly completed. Rest assured that our refinishing process utilizes a durable, quick-dry, scratch-resistant, and waterproof coating. What's more, there are no unpleasant fumes, allowing your valued guests to enjoy their newly refinished rooms on the same day.

Benefit from our extensive experience in the industry, as we have successfully refinished thousands of rooms and restaurant tables and chairs over the past 20 years for esteemed hospitality organizations like Hiltons, Winstar, and numerous resorts. 

Antique Restoration

Trained by Master Craftsmen in the UK, Highland Workshops has restored hundreds of Antiques and high end Furniture projects since 1999. Bringing back the beautiful original finish and performing extensive structural repairs enabeling our clients to preserve their collection and pass it on to future generations .

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